Rent Single Detached House in Yokohama

Rent a house in Yokohama or Kawasaki. Perfect for a larger family with school-age children. Some houses will also allow you to keep a cat or dog.

Nicer, modern Japanese houses are typically found in newly developed suburban areas near public schools making them less than ideal if you need to be close to a major train station. Most parents and older children commute using a combination of bus or bicycle and train. 

Often three-bedroom and four-bedroom houses will have the same amenities as a 3LDK or 4LDK condo, but will offer much more space, often have a small yard, and often have enough space for 1 or 2 cars.

The listings on this site are only a fraction of what the market has to offer. Contact us HERE to for a free consultation and to discuss your needs, criteria, and budget.