Rent 1LDK Apartment in Yokohama・Tokyo

1LDK apartments are probably the most popular layout for young professionals with extra income to spend on a comfortable living space.

Compared to a 1DK unit, this type of flat will have a a larger living room/dining space separate from the kitchen. The bedroom of a 1LDK will often have a bigger closet as well. 

Apartments with this layout can range from as low as ¥80,000 to as much as ¥370,000. The amount of floor space can range from 30 m² to 70 m². 

We have tried to limit listings to buildings that are no more than a 15-minute walk from the nearest station. When searching for a flat, please bear in mind that the closer you want to live to a station, the rent will be higher and the space will likely be smaller than a flat farther from the station.