Rent 2DK/2LDK Apartment in Yokohama

2DK apartments are not that common these days and tend to found in older buildings, public housing units, or properties with irregular shapes that prohibit the typical layout of a 1LDK or 2LDK.

Compared to a 1LDK unit, this type of flat can be either smaller or larger. In older properties, at least one of the bedrooms might have tatami mats.

Apartments with this layout are typically smaller than a nice 1LDK, and may have less natural light. The rent can range from around ¥80,000 to ¥120,000. The amount of floor space can range from 28 m² to 38 m².

2LDK apartments are the most popular layout these days among foreigners who are single, and want to have one additional room to use as a work space. Since this layout is actually marketed to married couples who might have at least one child, 2LDK apartments are more common among buildings designed for families, often close to a school, and not always most conveniently located compared to properties marketed towards unmarried professionals and students.

Compared to a 2DK unit, this type of flat is often larger. In older buildings, one of the bedrooms might have tatami mats for the parents to sleep on, and the second bedroom for the child. In newer buildings or high-rise buildings, a 2LDK can be quite spacious and luxurious.

Rents can range from ¥110,000 to as much as ¥600,000. The amount of floor space can range from 45 m² to 90 m².

We have tried to limit listings to buildings that are no more than a 15-minute walk from the nearest station. When searching for a flat, please bear in mind that the closer you want to live to a station, the rent will be higher and the space will likely be smaller than a flat farther from the station.

2LDK Apartment for Rent near Totsuka Station @ ¥111,000: Ensoleillé 305

2DK Pet-Friendly Apartment for Rent in Yokohama @ ¥63,000: Villa Yokoyama 103