Overseas Brokers

Bashamichi Room will provide the following services to your clients looking to purchase property in the Yokohama/Tokyo metropolitan area:

  • Setting up escrow account for purchasing processes, paying fees, paying rental income tax, receiving rent, and forwarding rent (minus taxes) to owner's overseas account.

  • Translation of contract documents, invoices, billing statements, etc.

  • Conducting purchase contract meeting via Zoom, Skype, etc., and interpreting discussed content with seller, seller's agent, and judicial scrivener.

  • Intermediary support between landlord and tenant.

  • Intermediary support between landlord and contractors for repairs, upgrades, etc.

  • Conduct tenant screening; processing rental contracts, lease renewals, lease termination requests, and move-out inspections.

  • Inspect vacant properties and pay utilities for owners not wanting to rent out their property (i.e. vacation-home use)

To qualify for a commision:

  1. Your client will be required to have completed a purchase contract and closed the sale via Bashamichi Jisho Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Bashamichi Room ).

  2. Your company will be required to sign a contract with Bashamichi Room where we agree to pay you an advertising fee to should your client complete a purchase of a property via Bashamichi Room.

  3. Your company will send us an invoice for the agreed upon advertising fee and Bashamichi Room will wire the funds to your corporate account minus Japanese consumption tax (10% as of December 1, 2022) and any bank wire transfer fees.

Contact Robert at robert@basyamchijisyo.com to obtain a list of available properties and the dollar amount of commission.