Rent 3DK/3LDK Apartment in Yokohama・Kawasaki

Family-type apartments with a 3LDK layout are most popular for working professionals with a small family, and can be found in walking distance of an elementary school, a supermarket, and at least a small local park. Access to schools often is more important for such tenants than easy access to a major train station.

The kitchen can be one simple, long counter or have a U shape with separate cleaning, preparing, and cooking spaces. In addition, many 3LDK spaces will have two bedrooms that use flooring while the third bedroom will have tatami mats.

Medium-grade 3LDK units might not be any larger than a 2LDK flat. Often, a 3LDK flat as the same amount of floor space as a 2LDK unit, but just smaller bedrooms. If you don't need the 3rd bedroom, you might find want to consider a 2LDK, which it will likely have more spacious bedrooms with larger closets/storage space. As fewer young Japanese are having children, older 3LDK units are remodeled and put back into the market as a 2LDK unit.

Apartments in the category can have rents ranging from ¥180,000 to ¥600,000 and have a floor space ranging from 60 m² to 120 m².

We have tried to show listings that include buildings with an elevator unless it is a low-rise structure. We have also tried to limit listings to buildings that are no more than a 15-minute walk from the nearest station. When searching for a flat, please bear in mind that the closer you want to live to a station, the rent will be higher and the space will likely be smaller than a flat farther from the station.

3LDK Pet-Friendly Apartment for Rent in Yokohama @ ¥80,000: New Kojima Heights 101