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Crest Forme Yokohama Grand West 302 for  ¥42,800,000 (2LDK Condo with Tenant)

Bashamichi Room Services for Overseas Buyers:

Crest Forme Yokohama Grand West 302 for  ¥42,800,000 (2LDK Condo with Tenant)

Running Costs

Local Area

Listed price: ¥42,800,000

Brokerage fee + tax: ¥1,478,400

Stamp tax: ¥10,000

Real estate registration tax (approximate): 2% of asset value*

Fixed asset tax: 1.4% of total asset value:*

City planning tax: 0.3% of total asset value*

Approximate Total Cost: ¥45,368,000¥45,796,000

Estimated gross yield: 4.20% (as of April 29, 2022)

Annual rental income: ¥1,800,000 (as of April 29, 2022)

* Total cost of ancillary taxes and fees will be between 6% and 7% of the listed price. Asset Value, which can fluctuate on a yearly basis, is substantially lower than the listed Market Value. Actual tax is calculated annually by local legal affairs bureau once a year. Exact amount of tax is not known until the municipality sends out the tax bills at the end of the fiscal year.

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Building Exterior

Entrance Lobby

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