Buy 2DK/2LDK Apartment in Yokohama / Kawasaki

2LDK apartments typically range from 36 m² of space to as much as 80 m² of space on the more expensive end. On average, a 2LDK unit in Tokyo and Yokohama is about 40 m² to 60 m², has a separate toilet and bath, kitchen with a 2-burner or 3-burner stovetop, 1 larger bedroom and 1 smaller bedroom, a larger balcony, and a dressing room/washroom with a vanity and space for a washing machine. Older 2LDK units may tatami mats in both bedrooms, but newer properties tend to have flooring instead. Newly built 2LDK units may have a walk-in closet in the larger "master bedroom" with direct access to the balcony from that bedroom.

2DK units are not as common as a 2LDK unit, and tend to be found in much older buildings. Depending on location and proximity to a station, 2DK units can still be very expensive on a par with newer 2LDK units that are either a little bit farther from from a station or closer to a station where the express train does not stop.

A typical tenant is a working professional or a working couple with no children. Among the immigrant community, 2LDK units are also popular among single working professionals who tend to use the smaller bedroom as a dedicated work/gaming space.

A 2LDK may also be the permanent home for adults who remain single or marry, and will most likely not plan on having any children if the unit is in a city center or near a major station. However, a 2LDK that is located in a suburban area might be cheaper, have more space, and may even have a parking space to accommodate the needs of a small family with 1 or 2 children.

Buyers of this type of property often buy this property as a permanent home until a nursing home becomes necessary, or the need for more space arises through the birth of additional children.