Clio Kanagawa-Shinmachi Ichibankan 306 for   ¥9,200,000 (1R Studio Flat with Tenant)

Your ideal tenant will be a young working professional or student needing easy access to Tokyo, Kawasaki, or Yokohama via the JR Line or Keikyu Line.
Buying a condo is a simple straightforward process regardless of whether you currently live overseas, work or study in Japan, or have permanent residency. As long as you have the funds, there are no restrictions for non-Japanese property owners. 
If you are a permanent resident of Japan with good standing at your bank, we can assist you with filling out your loan application. After you complete your purchase, we can manager the property on your behalf to ensure maximum return on investment.

1K Studio Apartment in Yokohama @ ¥9,200,000

Running Costs:

Listed price: ¥9,200,000 (Negotiable)

Brokerage fee: ¥330,000

Brokerage fee tax: ¥33,000

Brokerage fee total: ¥363,000

Stamp tax: ¥10,000

Real estate registration tax (approximate): 2% of asset value*

Fixed asset tax: 1.4% of total asset value:*

City planning tax: 0.3% of total asset value*

Approximate Total Cost: ¥9,740,000〜¥9,830,000*

Potential annual rental income: ¥576,000〜¥648,000 based on similar properties in the same building.

Gross yield: (Flat is currently vacant)

* Total cost of ancillary taxes and fees will be between 6% and 7% of the listed price. Asset Value, which can fluctuate on a yearly basis, is substantially lower than the listed Market Value. Actual tax is calculated annually by local legal affairs bureau once a year. Exact amount of tax is not known until the municipality sends out the tax bills at the end of the fiscal year.

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