Shin-Yokohama Miyuki Mansion 412

2LDK Apartment for Rent near Katakuracho Station @ ¥83,000

Monthly Fees

Rent: ¥83,000

CAM fee: ¥3000

Neighborhood association: 

Bank wire transfer fee: 

Emergency 24/7 Support fee: 

Guarantor company: 

Total: ¥86,000

Total with Parking: ¥97,000

Initial One-Time Fees

Key money: ¥83,000

Deposit (partially refundable): ¥83,000

Deposit (non-refundable): n/a

Insurance: ¥20,000

Move-out cleaning fee: 

AC cleaning fee: 

Internet access: 

Emergency 24/7 Support fee: 

Property manager admin fee: 

Disinfection and pest extermination fee: 

Locksmith fee: 

Guarantor company fee: ¥83,000 or less

Agency fee (including tax): ¥91,300

Payment of initial one-time fees by credit card: n/a

Approximate Total One-Time Fees: ¥360,300 or less

* Calculated based on moving on the 1st of the month. Amount will differ based on the date you start your contract. Please note that all listed fees are estimated amounts and may differ depending on your move in date, payment method, etc. Please inquire for exact costs.

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